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Betty Modern Flight Jacket

Meet Betty - It’s the modern incarnation of the classic flight jacket.  We keep all the pilot’s favorite details and add a few more.  This Bomber Jacket comes with 2 ‘Bitchin’ patches, a tonal Rondel patch at front chest, and a squadron style White Tiger patch on the right bicep. 

Authentic Airman’s Flight Necessity Pocket on sleeve

Double layer hand pockets for extra storage

Vertical chest pocket

Quilted Lining

Concealed zipper access for back embellishment

Custom patches available by request

Prices shown are for 'clean' styles, for customized finished items please email info@shop2lu.com

100% Water Repellant Polyester Coated Twill

Everybody Sizes XS-2XL

‘Betty’ is the military nickname of the voice in an airplane that alerts the crew to a problem.  Think ‘PULL UP! EJECT!’  In early years the pilots called her ‘Bitchin’ Betty’ but now just affectionately call her Betty.  This is our tribute to her!