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llove everybody double pom polar white pompom deuce beanie
love everybody white pom beanie
Love Everybody Double Pom Beanie Polar

Love Everybody Double Pom Beanie Polar

The 'Jane' Collection LOVE Everybody Pom Hat.

Our ‘Jane’ collection was inspired the words of St Louisan Jane Corbett - the closest thing we’ve ever met to an angel here on Earth.  Read more here:  https://shop2lu.com/blogs/wearyourcode/love-everybody-the-jane-collection

20% of each 'LOVE EVERYBODY' item sold will go to some of Jane's favorite charities.

Deuce has twice the fur and twice the fun!

Seed Stitched Stocking cap with not one but TWO adorable faux fur poms! 

Prices shown are for 'clean' styles, for customized finished items please email info@shop2lu.com

100 Premium Acrylic

Available in Ice with Polar Poms and Pitch with Panther Poms